Research Group in Global Analysis and Applications

Department of Algebra and Geometry, Palacky University, Olomouc

PhD Studies in Geometry

The Department of Algebra and Geometry offers PhD study of Differential Geometry (in English). Research of the members of the Research Group in Global Analysis and Applications in this field is devoted to the following topics:

These topics include the following research areas: geodesic mappings and their generalizations, decompositions of tensor spaces, differential invariants and natural bundles, jets and contact elements, higher order Grassmannians, differential equations and differential systems on manifolds, the calculus of variations on manifolds, variational sequences, the inverse problem of the calculus of variations, geometric methods in optimal control, algebraic structures of affine and projective geometry, the theory of webs, Euler-Lagrange, and Hamilton equations in higher order mechanics and field theory, symmetries and conservation laws in geometry and physics, geometric constraints and constrained systems, variational and topological aspects of the general relativity theory.