Research Group in Global Analysis and Applications

Prof. RNDr. Demeter Krupka, DrSc. photo

Position:Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Address:Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
La Trobe University, Bundoora, 3086 Victoria, Australia
Honorary Position:IAS Distinguished Fellow, La Trobe University, Melbourne,

University textbooks

  1. D. Krupka and F. Klvana, Exercises and Solved Problems in Quantum Mechanics (in Czech), Faculty of Science, Brno University, 1973, 189 pp.
  2. D. Krupka, Mathematical Foundations of the General Relativity Theory (in Czech), Faculty of Science, Brno University, 1979, 130 pp.
  3. D. Krupka and J. Musilová, Integration on Euclidean Spaces and Manifolds (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1982, 320 pp.
  4. D. Krupka, Introduction to Analysis on Manifolds (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1986, 96 pp. Full-text (217 kB)
  5. D. Krupka and J. Musilová, Linear and Multilinear Algebra (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1989, 281 pp.
  6. D. Krupka and O. Krupková, Topology and Geometry, Lectures and Solved Problems, I. General Topology (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1990, 404 pp.; revised edition, Full-text (2,84 MB)